Sex trafficking victims are the least likely to receive any compensation in courts.

A three year study shows that courts ordered compensation in only 36% of trafficking cases. Labor trafficking has seen more success in this than sex trafficking cases, with the request for restitution at 94% and an 87% order rate, compared to a 61% rate of request and less than one-third percent order rate for sex trafficking victims, whose cases are much more numerous and their services more valuable to the traffickers. Sex trafficking victims on average receive less compensation, $151,076, and less representation than labor trafficking victims, who receive on average, $213,939.

This problem might be exaggerated by the perception that sex trafficking victims are trying to profit from crimes they committed themselves. As one attorney was quoted as saying, “Women who come here illegally, commit illegal acts in our country, and now they are trying to get paid,” this perception is not helpful for sex trafficking receiving the proper legal counsel they are currently lacking.