About Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (GAIN)

In response to a critical lack of representation for asylum-seekers within one of the toughest immigration courts in the nation, GAIN was founded in 2005 as the Atlanta Asylum Bar Project. Our project’s scope was to provide quality pro bono representation to asylum-seekers seeking refuge in the U.S.

After achieving 501(c)(3) status in 2009, GAIN expanded our legal programming in 2010 to include immigrant survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes through our Victims of Violence program. Through these two flagship programs, we continue to impact access to justice for vulnerable immigrants and fight for our vision of safety, freedom, and opportunity for all. Since inception, GAIN has helped over 5,000 people and provided over 15 million dollars in pro bono legal services.

GAIN’s MISSION is to protect and empower immigrant survivors of crime and persecution.

Our vision is safety, freedom, and opportunity for all.

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