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Please note that GAIN is a not-for-profit corporation that discretionary coordinates the provision of pro bono legal representation for specific forms of immigration (not criminal) matters to low income individuals who may have a claim for asylum or have been a victim of a violence crime. GAIN screens cases before matching an individual with legal assistance, and GAIN reserves its discretion to decline to assist individuals. This website does not provide, and does not purport to provide, legal advice, and no information contained herein takes the place of consulting an attorney.

If you think you may need assistance on an immigration matter and meet the above guidelines, please call our office at 678-335-6040 or send an email to .

If you are seeking an answer to a legal question, please call the Atlanta Bar Lawyer Referral Service. Their number is 404-521-0777.

To find out about pro bono agencies in your state, please look at the American Bar Association’s directory of legal services offices at