Victims of Violence Program

Founded in 2010, GAIN’s Victims of Violence program provides access to quality immigration legal representation for survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other crimes. Through direct representation as well as our pro bono program which multiplies our impact, the Victims of Violence program provides survivors with access to immigration legal representation, which lays the foundation for their ability to escape abusive/exploitative situations, be reunited with loved ones, and access the tools they need for ongoing safety and stability.

A man in a yellow shirt walks through a field carrying two young girls who are hugging him.

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Women, who comprise the vast majority of clients in the Victims of Violence program, are disproportionately affected by intimate partner abuse, sexual violence, and human trafficking. GAIN’s extensive experience with immigrant survivors in Georgia has shown that the impacts of trauma and continuous traumatic stress on immigrant women are often compounded by further experiences of abuse and isolation in the U.S.

Despite being uniquely vulnerable to revictimization as well as income, food, and housing insecurity, immigrant survivors often hesitate to come forward due to fear of deportation, limited English proficiency, cultural barriers, and lack of access to resources. GAIN seeks to address these barriers by providing accessible, compassionate, trauma-informed service. The Victims of Violence program’s primary forms of relief for immigrant survivors are filings for T-visa, U-visa, VAWA Self-Petitions, and I-751 waivers; in addition, we assist our clients with holistic support services, social service referrals, adjustment of status, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) filings, employment authorization, and family reunification through consular processing. In 2021, GAIN’s Victims of Violence program provided service for over 120 cases.

To request information about becoming a GAIN client, please email or leave a voicemail at 678-335-6040 ext. 110. To inquire about volunteering on a case in our Victims of Violence program, contact GAIN’s Victims of Violence Attorney, Karla Diaz, at