Atlanta Airport Trafficking Signs

Atlanta Airport Trafficking Signs Since Atlanta is one of the top cities for human trafficking in the U.S., Hartsfield-Jackson, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, is a big part of the problem. Airport officials have begun to take measures to prevent people being trafficked through Atlanta from the moment they step off [...]

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60% of Georgia Law Enforcement Believes Child Prostitutes Should be Prosecuted

A new survey by the GBI has found shocking attitudes among Georgia law enforcement. Over 60% of the law enforcement heads who responded to a statewide survey on sex trafficking believe that child prostitutes should be prosecuted, even if they are held against their will and in forced servitude. They also believe that the trafficking [...]

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We at GAIN want to remind you that "there has never been a period of time where child slavery didn't take place." #bringbackourgirls Read this New York Times article for more details on the global issue of human trafficking:

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