Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (GAIN) is a 501(c)(3) organization that protects and empowers immigrant survivors of crime and persecution, including asylum-seekers and immigrant survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Our staff attorneys, paralegals, and navigators provide direct service to our clients while also building a volunteer force of attorneys, whom we recruit, train, and mentor. Through direct representation as well as our pro bono program which multiplies our impact, GAIN assists over 1,000 clients and family members each year.


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Since 2005, the Asylum program has assisted immigrants fleeing harm and persecution abroad by providing legal representation for their asylum cases. Asylum-seekers in Georgia face one of the steepest immigration court denial rates in the nation. However, having an attorney can multiply the chances of success for these clients, who have been forced to flee their home countries due to harm and/or persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

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Founded in 2010, GAIN’s Victims of Violence program provides access to quality immigration legal representation for survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other crimes. Through direct representation as well as our pro bono program which multiplies our impact, the Victims of Violence program provides immigrant victims access to otherwise unobtainable legal representation, which lays the foundation for their ability to escape abusive/exploitative situations, be reunited with loved ones, and access the tools they need for ongoing safety and stability.

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In addition, GAIN responds to the emergent needs of our client communities with short-term programs. For example, in 2020, we connected our clients with over $200,000 in emergency relief during the early days of the pandemic, and in 2021, we built a pro bono project to help 37 displaced families apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a temporary form of relief for foreign nationals displaced by armed conflict, natural disasters, or other conditions that temporarily prevent them from safely returning to their country. These projects are necessary innovations, born of the rising needs of our communities in times of crisis as well as their lack of access to the relief that is available to others.

GAIN’s most recent effort is Project Ally, launched in August 2021 in response to the crisis in Afghanistan. Project Ally is an emergency immigration relief effort for Afghan families in Georgia and beyond, which has already provided legal immigration support to hundreds of displaced Afghan nationals.

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After potential clients make initial contact with GAIN, we determine their eligibility to receive our services through an intake interview. Then, GAIN assists qualifying clients either directly, through a staff attorney and holistic support, or through a pro bono referral to a volunteer attorney. Either way, GAIN’s training and technical support ensures that our clients receive high quality, culturally-responsive legal assistance for their case — and for every step along the way. We also offer holistic support services, which leverage our extensive network of community partners across Georgia to provide access to counseling or medical services, protective orders, emergency shelter, food and clothing, and many other social and legal services.

To request information about becoming a GAIN client, please email help@georgiaasylum.org. GAIN also accepts client inquiries by voicemail at 678-335-6040 ext. 110. To inquire about pro bono opportunities for pro bono attorneys, please email volunteer@georgiaasylum.org.