Having served hundreds of Afghan evacuees since the August 2021 crisis, GAIN has been heavily involved in the immigration legal response for Afghan parolees in Georgia. As new updates surface, we carefully analyze their impact for our new neighbors in Georgia. On June 8, 2023, USCIS provided details regarding its proposed process for Afghan parolees to extend their parole status. This update is critical because Afghan parolees’ U.S. immigration statuses will largely begin to expire starting in August of this year.

We share our analysis of the re-parole update below in English, Dari, and Pashto to provide our new neighbors with information as they rebuild their lives here in Georgia. The main takeaway is that USCIS announced that Afghan Operation Allies Rescue (OAR) and Project Allies Rescue (PAR) parolees who have ALREADY applied for asylum, or for a green card before their parole status expires do not need to file a re-parole application. These individuals will be automatically considered on a case-by-case basis for parole extension. Other Afghan parolees who wish to extend their parole status must file a re-parole application. GAIN is working with our partners to formulate plans for a re-parole clinic to help with this process, and more information will be available soon.

English Afghan Re-Parole update

Dari Re-Parole update

Pashto Re-Parole update